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You hear me yell
You hear me scream
All this pain
Is what it seems

The tears
The scars
And all the blood
Are just wounds
Like oceans flood

You whip
You slash
You break the bones
Just like that
Of a broken home

You take the pleasure
From my pain
That causes smiles
For your own gain

But here I am
Standing strong
And all this hurt
Is but a song

Against a whim
Of dimmer hope
I see the light
A shining note

We don't thrive
Within a cave
We are not
Your bloody slaves
It's kind of a rare subject that people shy away from, but it happens to be a large part of the world we live in. Whether or not it involves race, or religion, or even just preference of sexual partners, people in the world think they can manipulate and abuse those that they see fit. It's hard to live in a world where you are afraid of corrupt cops or even simply being in the wrong neighbourhood. I wrote this poem to touch the sensitive topic of harassment and even prejudice among others. I was bullied and manipulated a lot in elementary up until high-school, and if you feel trapped or insecure, stand up for yourself, they can't inflict more harm then they already have.
LethalHunniePrincesa Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Student Writer
That is just so true xx
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June 19, 2014


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